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SchoolShopSales is a hugely valuable, cash generating service resource designed to allow schools to offer their own, truly bespoke and original online sales function for school uniform, sports kit and other accessories.

SchoolShopSales provides the school with the online service and the parents with a complete range of school branded and plain uniform from the leading suppliers in the UK at very competitive prices.

Your school shop is personalised with photographs, logos and school colours so that it looks and feels like a service that you are providing to the parents. It is uniquely available through the school’s own website.

Once the shop is up and running (this takes just a few minutes to choose colours and cuts) the school is free to concentrate on what it does best. The parents buy direct via the shop and SchoolShopSales does the rest. The school often does not see the uniform until the child wears it to school.

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Instant Rewards
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Cash and Resource Benefits

EVERY purchase made through your shop generates a commission payment to the school, PTA or any other beneficiary. You do nothing as we record all sales and pay the commission automatically.

Also you need never buy stock again, freeing up your school funds when you need them, a school or volunteer resource to administer the service and a large chunk of your storage space.

We take care of it all.

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YOUR school shop

SchoolShopSales represents most of the leading suppliers of school uniform and sportswear in the UK, giving you flexibility and choice in what you choose to offer. You can even mix and match manufacturers.

Your shop is customised with photos and logos to provide a sense of familiarity and comfort to the parent, reinforcing the service message you offer to your pupils and parents.

Not just suppliers but partners.

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Choice and flexibility

The school shop is open 24 hours a day, every day, all year round. It removes the need for a yearly bulk order and allows for children to grow at different rates and for uniform to be replaced as needed.

All year round sales remove delays when the industry normally floods the market with orders. Your shop is as well stocked as the supermarkets plus has your bespoke items.

We are open even when you aren’t.

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One shop fits all

We understand you have to cater for all demographics so we do the same. Cash is king and some have more than others so we offer a range of flexible options that cater for all your parents, whatever their circumstances.

Our driver is always convenience for the parent and the school. That way you can delete one of your bugbears knowing that your school shop works for you and your parents

Designed for everyone’s benefit.

Leading Suppliers

We supply top quality uniforms, sportswear and accessories from the industry’s premier manufacturers, including:

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High quality, hassle free, cash generating, win/win for school and parents.

Please enter a few basic details below and we will immediately set up a trial shop for you to browse and get a feel for the products and the ease of use with absolutely no commitment on your part. We’ll then give you a call and if you like what you see and hear we will visit to show you the quality of the uniform and explain just how we can make the claims that we do.

It only takes a couple of minutes but it could save you a fortune in terms of cash and effort and remove the uniform headache for good.

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